Every gift big and small provides hope, help, and healing to the 87,000 children and families (like ours) who rely on the Alberta Children’s Hospital each year. Thanks to the generosity of people like you, they are able to provide funding for family centred child health programs, specialized life-saving equipment and advanced pediatric research and education at the Alberta Children's Hospital.

Ruby's journey has been an incredible one, largely because of the amazing people and services at the Alberta Children's Hospital- We can not even even begin to send enough love and gratitude for everything they have given and continue to give to our family. From the bottom of our hearts, our thanks go out to everyone in this miraculous facility, and to the foundation that works so hard to support them. a small token of our gratitude, all proceeds from each Warrior Bracelet sold will be donated to the Alberta Children's Hospital Foundation. If you would like to help even more, please consider donating directly to this amazing foundation.

Because of your posts and shares and tags and help in spreading the word for xoRuby Warrior Bracelets, because of each and every one of you who bought a bracelet, on July 18th, we were able to donate $3,175.00 to the Alberta Children's Hosipital Foundation!

But our hope is that this is only the start! With a little luck, together, we can continue to spread the word and make round two of donations even bigger! Together we can help build healthier futures for all our children.

Thank you to all you beautiful humans.